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The OMD Plan - OMD for the Planet Book Review

In this episode of Perfectly Pl@nted we continue our discussion of The OMD Plan by Suzy Amis Cameron. For those who missed Episode 23, where we covered the first part of the book focusing on the impact of OMD on our health, feel free to visit our blog or find the prior episode on your preferred podcast platform. One of the pillars of Perfectly Pl@nted is "Live Consciously." While reading this book and other related references, we have learned (and continue to learn every day) so much about the impact of nutrition on our health. In Episode 26, we discuss the impact of our food and food system on the environment.

After you watch or listen to this episode, we have only one request. Our request is for you to think about the impact YOU can make.

Finally, we wanted to check in on the challenge. In Episode 23, we challenged you to incorporate a few of the Thoughtful 20 brain foods onto your plate each week. Please leave us a comment below about which of the twenty brain-nourishing foods you are adding to your meals.

Until next time, be well.

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