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Optimizing Your Running With Plant-Based Nutrition

Claire Bartholic wasn’t always a runner.

Claire started running in her mid-30s simply to get in shape for her high school reunion. It wasn’t about getting faster or racing; it was, to be honest, mainly about vanity.

But something changed in her as the miles slowly added up. The reunion came and went and she kept running.

Already plant based, she finished her first marathon at age 38 in a respectable 4:02 and was immediately hooked. She became a student of the marathon. With dedicated coaching and training, she successfully lowered her marathon PR to 2:58, remarkably without injury, and entirely plant-based. Claire is a multiple-time Boston Marathon qualifier, state Master’s Marathon Champion, and a competitive Master’s athlete.

As amazing as it was to accomplish so much in her own running, Claire’s greater passion is helping others achieve their dreams. As a coach, she shares the tools and techniques she has learned to help athletes reach goals they never thought possible.

As a coach, she has led hundreds of athletes to the best performances of their lives through science-backed training, plant-based nutrition, and proven mindset programs.

Claire is an ASAF certified running coach and a NESTA certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. She is the host of one of the most popular running podcasts in the world, The Planted Runner Podcast. Thousands of runners listen to Claire interview the best in the sport each week as well as learn actionable lessons to become a better runner each episode.

Her first book, The Planted Runner: Running Your Best With Plant-Based Nutrition came out in January 2023. We were fortunate to have Claire join us on Perfectly Pl@nted to discuss a wide range of topics including:

  • Claire’s running and plant-based journey

  • Tips for fueling your run

  • The benefits of sleep

  • Strength training for runners

  • A day in the life

  • Family meals

  • The Planted Runner Retreat

We hope you enjoy this conversation with Claire.

Until next time, be well.


Learn more about Claire Bartholic and her coaching program:

Instagram: @theplantedrunner

Join Claire at her fall Running Retreat in Asheville, NC:

You can also follow us on social media. We enjoy hearing from you.

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