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Planting Our First Seedling

Happy Sunday!!

If you missed our first Sunday Seedlings livestream we welcome you to watch the replay at the link above.

What is Sunday Seedlings? Sunday Seedlings is a 10 minute "health snack" that we will livestream on Sunday mornings. The purpose is to plant a seedling of knowledge related to one of our core principles that may support the goals of your health and wellness journey. We discuss the core principles of Perfectly Pl@nted in the video. Each Sunday Seedling with focus on a topic that aligns with one of these principles.

If you prefer to listen while you work (or run or drive...) feel free to tune in to this episode on our podcast webpage: You can also follow us on many of your favorite podcatchers.

If there are topics that you would like for us to discuss during an upcoming Sunday Seedlings livestream please let us know in the comments below.

Be well.


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