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Brain Health Bonanza: The 30-Day Alzheimer's Solution, Part I

Today is the first day of our new book of the month format for our podcast. Each month we will be sharing with you our thoughts on books written by authors that we think can positively contribute to your health and wellness. Each book has elements that align with or contradict (we want to be open to new thoughts too!) one of the seven Perfectly Pl@nted Pillars:

  • Eat Empowered

  • Move More

  • Love More

  • Stress Less

  • Sleep Deep

  • Nurture Yourself

  • Live Consciously

Today we take a deep dive into the 30-Day Alzheimer’s solution by Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai. We have been following the Sherzai’s for some time and referenced their book in an earlier podcast. We hope you will take the time to listen to the 15 min podcast (available on Apple Podcast, Spotify and other pod catchers) but if you can’t here’s the bottom line: 1) what’s good for the body is good for the brain and 2) following the Sherzai’s 5 pronged recommendations to improve cognitive health will also improve your overall health. It' simple, just think NEURO:

  • N: Nutrition

  • E: Exercise

  • U: Unwind

  • R: Restore

  • O: Optimize

The NEURO plan aligns closely with the seven Perfectly Pl@nted pillars:

N: add more plants to your plate. Adopting a plant positive approach to your nutrition will not only benefit your brain, but you will reap holistic benefits to your health.

E: Be physically active. You don’t need to go to the gym. Move, just move.

U: Find ways to reduce stressors in your life.

R: “Sleep is your Superpower”. We have not discussed sleep in detail in some time, but we closely follow the work of Dr. Matthew Walker and encourage you to find ways to obtain restorative sleep.

O: Optimize your social connections and engage in activities that challenge you to use your brain.

We hope that you enjoyed this peek into the 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution. The book is a gold mine of resources for healthy living and there are more than 70 simple and healthy recipes that will help you achieve your SMART goals related to healthy eating. Please let us know your thoughts if you read the book or try any of the Sherzai's wonderful recipes.

Until next time, be well.



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