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Nurture Yourself

Nurture Yourself. As we were prepping for this podcast our run of show notes were extensive. We could have discussed this topic for an hour or more. During this 10 minute Sunday Seedling we briefly touch on the topics below:

  • How to nurture yourself

  • How to overcome self-doubt

  • What are you grateful for?

  • Small acts of kindness towards yourself

  • Don't judge yourself by what you think others think of you.

  • Sometimes you have to just "let it go"

The week between recording the podcast and authoring this post was a rough one. I think one day each week I had to address one or more of the bullets above! Today, I took time to re-center and remember who is important to me, what is important to me and why. A long run is my therapy? What is yours?

Please note: we are not therapists and nothing that we share on Perfectly Pl@nted is meant to represent medical advice. We are real people sharing our innermost thoughts on tough topics. We are open and honest as we always strive to be without oversharing what is rattling around in our heads every day.

If you want to hear more Sunday Seedlings, please check out our website: Music by Ivymusic from Pixabay


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