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Living Wholistically with Laura Hale

We hope you are doing well. If you missed our livestream last Sunday we hope that you will take a few minutes to watch the replay on YouTube or listen to the audio on your favorite podcatcher.

The Perfectly Pl@nted team welcomed colleague, friend and wellness advocate Laura Hale to the podcast. In 2015, Laura started on a health journey that led her to wanting to expand her knowledge around nutrition and holistic medicine. She pursued additional education and certifications in Holistic Nutrition, Wellness Coaching and Reiki. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master with her own private practice. In her wellness business she offers group programs, one-on-one coaching and specialized classes for small groups and corporations. She is highly skilled in assisting people with addressing their limiting beliefs, improving their mindset, setting goals for their life and building a roadmap to achieve their dreams. During our conversation with Laura she shared some details about her journey to Living Wholistically, about life on the farm and a little about being a Reiki Master. Please take a few minutes to join the conversation and plant some seedlings for holistic living into your life.

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