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Benefits of Hemp Seeds

I love hosting special guests on our Perfectly Pl@nted podcast. Particularly, Episode 7, Conscious Living with Courtney Starnes (can be found on any podcast platform). Courtney shared some of her most favorite recipes and snacks and one that stuck with me the most is the addition to hemp seeds. Believe it or not, they are technically a nut, and pack full of healthy fats as well as essential fatty acids, specifically omega-6 and omega-3. According to Healthline, this super seed/nut is linked to aiding in heart health, skin disorders, digestion, AND (as if that's not enough), they aide with mood boosting properties. Toasted, roasted, hulled raw, I suggest you add these scrumptious seeds/nut to your diet.

Check out one of my favorite snacks in this photo. Rice cake, thin spread of sunbutter sprinkled with hemp seeds. I sometimes drizzle raw honey or agave on top - YUMMY! I hope you give it a try :)

Be well everyone~

xo, Vesime


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